Un conference part, conference party

Dear attendees,

Except the official part of a conference we have unofficial part as well i.e. Un conference where you’ll be able to exchange your skills and knowledge with other attendees. Besides ad-hoc or improvisational preparations for this part you can choose to prepare in advance and hold some workshop or talk about area of your choice or by areas that we suggest: informations systems security, free and open source software, free and open source hardware, open data, open content and open standards. These are general areas which can include vast/variety of more specific topics. Feel free to make a choice.

In case you’ll be preparing something in advance make sure that you either send us email to info@dorscluc.org or mention that during registrations at the conference in order we can have you in our schedule and in order we can notify other attendees to visit your workshop or a talk.

Note: this part doesn’t guarantee you free entry to the conference, for this part you have to register yourself as a regular attendee

Conference party

Tuesday 17th evening, when the workshop ends, in Pivnica Medvedgrad, Božidara Adžije 16, starting at 20:30, the conference party will take place. Don’t forget the drink coupons you received with your accreditation!  Take a look at the maps on how to get there in the full post entry.

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Directions from the conference venue to the party:

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